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09 February 2007 @ 11:11 pm
End Watch = End of Watching?  
My beef with Amita just seems to grow with every week.

First of all, and AGAIN, Charlie can't do jacks*** without Amita coming in and say 'you're missing something, and it's up to me to make sure you find it.' Anyone with half a brain would know to track a victim as well as a suspect - that's FORENSICS 101; not only did Charlie look stupid, but so did the FBI.

Second, Amita whining about people talking about her and Charlie. Um, let's see ... you're dating your former thesis advisor, and you're working in the same school as he is. Did you honestly think that people were NOT going to talk about you?

Oh, wait, I forgot ... you're little Miss Naive Mary Sue Who Never Does Anything Wrong And Has A Martyr Heart Of Gold.

*rolls eyes*

Episode should be 'End of Watching,' because I am so very close to ending MY watch of the show. What they've been doing lately is making obtaining samples of DNA in a few minutes on CSI look realistic.
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Lizzie Tesse Cottonface: not so goodtessenchan on February 10th, 2007 11:08 am (UTC)
I'm not gonna stop watching, because Amita is only a single, solitary thing on the show that bothers me; there are countless other things that outweigh her presence for me. Plus, I am still hanging on to the smallest shred of possibility that she may leave (because knowing the writers' policy of not getting rid of their characters 'because they love them,' Rawat would have to leave of her own accord and they would have to write in a reason for it. They're not going to send her away or kill her on their own.)

That said, let's get on with the episode: the worries that had spawned when I saw the promo for this episode were well-placed, since Charmita was in the thick of it. From moment one, when Charlie mentioned that neither he nor Larry had ever been offered that position. Well, I wonder why. You guys aren't as perfect as Amita, haven't you learned that yet? Silly Charlie. And remember: it's Amita's role to get wonderful offers that anyone else would work their asses off for, and then turn them down for lame reasons. At least the writers manage to keep the Sofa in character.

I didn't mind Amita's doubts about the job; doubt is good. It's human. It makes her less Sue-y. But all of her Sue points were promptly returned to her when she admits that the doubts are not in her own ability, but because she has the emotional maturity of a high school freshman and can't deal with her peers talking about her behind her back. WAH.

[sarcasm] Luckily, she gets off her ass and takes the job anyway, thus resolving any conflict Charmita might've had and destroying the possibility for them to grow interesting! Good going, Amita! [/sarcasm] It's like watching grass grow and listening to nails down a chalkboard at the same time to watch that crap.

Cut immediately into her solving the simplest problem for him; I'm reminded again of Double Down when the FBI left their brains at home and didn't think to look at the third kid as a suspect when it seemed so fucking obvious. You mean, you have to wonder what the VICTIM was doing too, and not just the bad guy!?! Gee golly whiz! I wonder why! Couldn't possibly have anything to do with where the victim was when they were attacked--

Wait, we did that in the pilot!! Remember the anomaly who was attacked out of the killer's zone? And it turned out she had lied about where she was? Hlysht! It does matter where the victim was!

Am I laying the sarcasm on enough? Or do I need to put my sarcasm tags back on? >(

Thankfully though, Amita's final scene in this ep was blissfully tolerable-- instead, the disgust was returned in the form of Liz Warner, who the more I see her, the less I like her. And I already didn't like her all that much.

*sigh* Hearing me bitch about this episode, you wouldn't think I'd actually liked it. Which I did. Lt Walker makes the world a better place. :D
misslindalee on February 10th, 2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, Tess, we were both bitching about the show, but don't worry; I'm not stopping soon - I was just bitching, randomly.

And actually, I thought that Walker was a little out of line; he seemed way too obssessed for a 17-yr old case, and I was siding with Don when he started yelling at Megan; I was worried he was going to lunge at her or something.

*huggles Tess* We need a good shot of something nice and sweet, right?
Lizzie Tesse Cottonface: neutraltessenchan on February 11th, 2007 04:00 am (UTC)
Actually, I looked at it the other way: because it was a 17-year-old case, he was being drawn further and further to the end of his rope. Had the case been solved in '90, I don't think he would have been so emotional about it. But because the kid was his friend --and therefore more personal than any other cold case he had worked on-- and it went so long with no suspects and no evidence, his emotions were allowed to build up to the breaking point.

Especially at the end, when it was revealed that a friend of his was the one who set up-- that was enough to knock the guys with the truest grit out of orbit.

I MISS LARRY. D; I need my Lady Agent/Cosmologist snuggles to help me choke down the Charmita. *huggle*
lia27 on February 10th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
Didn't Charlie and Amita realize that people would find out that she got that great job because Charlie wanted to sleep with her?

From Kelly: Numb3rs scoop, please!
Ran into David Krumholtz at the SAGs and asked him just that! He spilled: "Larry's gone and now Charlie's got this really crabby boss in Kathy Najimy, who's giving him a really hard time, but she's kind of going toward his side of things. And in the meantime, it frees him up to make moves on his girlfriend. And that's going good—it's getting better and better every week. I think this week we're doing a scene where she's in a negligee. So…it's not just a show about math!">>>>>>>>>>>
Gee I thought it was about a genius mathematician. Now it's Moonlighting with math.

I'm sorry Tess, the turn this show has taken makes very little about it enjoyable. Maybe if I didn't see the first season. But that was so good, Charlie shined and Amita was in the background.
Lizzie Tesse Cottonface: life suckstessenchan on February 11th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
I know, I read about that earlier in the week and was horrified. Amita in a negligee? MOTHERFCKGOD, SAVE ME. Not only do they NOT need to be together, but I do not want to see them even remotely in a situation where sex could be implied. My brain will asplode.

On the other hand, maybe the sex will be so bad, it will turn them off to one another and they'll have a reason to call it quits. :D See? I'm too much an optimist.

As for still being enjoyable, I turned my focus to other things: Don (though he is being tracked by another bad character, Liz, so he's quickly losing ground as my safehaven) Alan, Millie, Megan, David, Colby-- I'm reaching. And Charlie still manages to be enjoyable when the Sofa isn't around, so is not all bad. I agree though that the first season is deeply missed.
misslindalee on February 10th, 2007 04:12 pm (UTC)
You have GOT to be joking me.

*bangs writers in the head repeatedly with a Louisville slugger*

Evolution of Numb3rs:

Season 1 - an FBI agent using his brother's assistance in solving difficult crimes.

Season 2 - A mathematician helps the FBI solve every case he possibly can by making them look dumb and helpless without him.

Season 3 - Charlie's balls are in the iron grip of the Sofa, but he still plans to make moves on her, because she shows cleavage.

*hears the sound of the dignity of the show going down the toilet*
misslindalee on February 10th, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)
My Amita Post
I posted this on the Numb3rs board about why people don't like Amita.

- - - -

We're upset at Amita because Charlie has previously tracked victims' paths in working on other cases, as in the Pilot episode. The fact that he didn't include it in this one - that even the FBI didn't seem to feel like that was an important thing, which made them look just as dense - really came across that Amita was the only one who could have seen that.

And speaking of Amita, did she really think that people weren't going to talk about her and Charlie when she's been involved with him for so long, and she got a job on a committee that apparantly even Charlie and Larry weren't offered. Seriously, if she's that naive about stuff like that ... to me, that's the mentality of a teenager, not someone who's supposed to be more mature.

When Amita becomes more believeable as a person, then I'm sure more people would be inclined to like her. But because some people have decided to make her the one who thinks that anyone who has an opinion that differs from hers is wrong (lambasting Charlie in last week's episode because he was interested in working with the pharmaceutical company); complaining that people are talking about her and Charlie behind her back when she should have known her relationship with Charlie was going to be perceived that way; and all the times she has come in to figure out the solution to a problem immediately after Charlie and Larry have been working on for days, then people are going to get annoyed with her. I know I'm one of them.

Whoever decided that it was okay to make Amita like this, that's perfectly fine - but don't expect everyone to fawn over her. If we don't like someone, that's our opinion, and last time I checked, we're still allowed to voice our opinions.

- - - -

Place your bets on how long it takes for someone to berate me - extra points if it's Nick or Cheryl.
Lizzie Tesse Cottonface: OMGYAYtessenchan on February 11th, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)
Re: My Amita Post
Props! :) S'been awhile since I got the guts to tell them what I really think of their princess, and luckily I didn't have to this time; you beat me to it!

I got tired of posting my Anti-Amita opinions there, since people always manage to bring up the jealousy issue (which is complete malarkey) or they turn it around into "Well, my opinion is that your opinion sucks, and since I have just as much freedom of the speech as you, you can't say squat about it, mmkay?"

misslindalee on February 11th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)
Re: My Amita Post
Oh, believe me, if it ever gets to that point, I'll be telling them exactly what I think of them - and I won't have any regrets doing it. *grins*
lia27 on February 10th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
miss linda lee

Did you post this on Numb3rs .org?

Good for you! You are my hero!
misslindalee on February 11th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
Yup, posted on Numb3rs.org!
misslindalee on February 11th, 2007 06:16 pm (UTC)
You guys might get a kick out of this. Some other poster posted a response, and I replied:

- - - -


Everyone needs help with now and then. Of course Charlie needs help in some situations to see that there is a peice of data of a point of view that he is missing. Genius or not he is human. As for Amita (since Larry is off in space) always being the one who helps him...his father has also pushed him in the right direction a few times. It also stands to reason that Amita would be there more often than not since they work together and are a couple. What a boring man Charlie would be ( not to mention a little sad) if he didn't have a special someone. I like this pairing, even though at times it does seem a little stiff. Maybe they don't have a "real" chemistry in reality. It's possible that some of the lines they are given don't seem viable for that character. However, they are actors doing what they are told. They do a great job. Otherwise no one would care about this show. Apparently many of us do. So lighten up on the couple bashing. It keeps them real.

- - - -


Well, actually, the entire relationship IS stiff. The only couple on the show with good chemistry is Larry and Megan's relationship; I enjoy seeing the two of them together, because they aren't trying to change each other. Every week, Amita seems to be finding something wrong to point out of Charlie instead of accepting him for who he is and trying to work around those faults and doesn't berate him for having opinions that differ from his.

And, yes, Alan has pushed him, but Amita comes in and says (in so many words) 'you're doing this wrong or you forgot to include something that should be so obvious.' There's a BIG difference between pushing and telling.

And if Charlie and Amita were a real couple in real life, then it wouldn't make a difference. We'd actually still not like Amita for treating Charlie so badly, because I have yet to see Amita actually admit she was wrong about something or say 'I'm sorry.' We've seen Charlie do it all the time, because Charlie seems to be the only one who has faults and all the relationship problems they have are because Charlie is the cause of them. When Amita becomes more believable as a person, then we'll stop with the criticizing, because bashing would imply that we have an irrational and unjustified hatred for this character when, in fact, we are simply voicing our opinions on what many of us agree to be a very poorly-written and totally unbelievable character.

- - - -

I honestly can't wait to see what responses I get from that. :)
Lizzie Tesse Cottonfacetessenchan on February 11th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
Nicely done, again. :D

When Amita becomes more believable as a person, then we'll stop with the criticizing, because bashing would imply that we have an irrational and unjustified hatred for this character when, in fact, we are simply voicing our opinions on what many of us agree to be a very poorly-written and totally unbelievable character.

That part, I really appreciate. Well-worded. Criticizing =/= bashing and/or flaming, and it's disheartening when you think of how many people don't realize that.
(Anonymous) on February 13th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)
Bkwrm again.
What bothers me more than Super! Amita is Victim! Amita.
Here's a post I did for TWOP, in response to the "poor victimized Amita, why is she with insensitive Charlie" posters.

Why is Amita with Charlie? Hmmm... because she CHOSE to be? Charlie's no Svengali, hypnotising helpless Amita into doing his bidding.

Perhaps he should have told her, "Go to Harvard, it's better for your career." But if she needs him to tell her what to do, then she wouldn't have gotten very far at that job, either.

I don't understand why so many seem to discount *Amita's* responsibility in this situation. She *chose* to be in a relationship with Charlie. She *chose* the job at CalSci for herself, (supposedly). Actually, if she did choose to stay for him, then that’s not his responsibility. He’s not her teacher. He’s not her advisor. It’s not his job to make her career, it’s hers.

We’ve been told over and over and over again that Amita is a grown, confident, professional woman. What we’ve seen is a different story.

The way I see it, Amita has a couple of choices:
Take Larry and Millie’s excellent advice, grow a spine and assume responsibility for her own career, or:
Continue to sit around in her student clothing and her student persona, and her ‘poor l’il me, no one takes me seriously, it’s all Charlie’s fault’ attitude.

Frankly, I’m betting on the second choice.
lia27 on February 18th, 2007 06:39 am (UTC)
<<<<<<<<<<<However, what it seems that we are forgetting is just how smart Amita is. We forget that and so it becomes annoying to see it pointed out every week. But the fact is, that she herself on some level is a genius, who stands out amongst her peers. if she did'nt, she wouldn't have been chosen to chair the curriculum committee or win the fellowship award. Charlie is attracted to her genius, and it allows him to trust her, keep her close. it just so happens they have fallen for eachother. I will however agree, that it seems that at times her character is made smarter at the expense of Charlie's intellect and that often she points out things that would be obvious to Charlie, in order for her to have the "a-ha" moment. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a quote from Dareal's post. 1. I don't forget how smart Amita is because I never believed the character was smart in the first place. That's why it is annoying to keep pointing it out. It doesn't make her seem smarter it just annoys me. Yes she is made smarter than Charlie. What I don't understand is why is she supposed to be a genius? Why is she supposed to smarter than Charlie? See we weren't imagining it. I thought maybe my dislike for the character was making me see things about her that weren't there. But it turns out I was right. She is supposed to be smarter than Charlie. She is supposed to be his co-consultant. This is turning into moonlighting with math. I thought that they lost focus and that eventually they would put Amita in her place and Charlie would show us how special he is. But clearly they have been doing this on purpose. They have every intention of making Amita as important, if not more important than Charlie. It is moonlighting with Math. I'm done. Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!