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13 February 2012 @ 05:26 am
Rewatching Numb3rs  
Even after Numb3rs is over, I still rewatch it and have a fiery hate towards Amita.

Particularly when watching Convergence.

I mean, all through out Season 1 she threw out hints that they weren't a teacher/student anymore. She wanted to show oblivious Charlie she was interested, and Charlie took notice and even when their date went awkward he didn't give up trying.

First with the tickets, which is a highly thoughtful gesture that he mentioned to her which she choose to not say anything, even though Charlie has always expressed interest in her, and then lets him down without so much as a word with "I have something planned I didn't believe you get them anyway." Seriously, what a bitch.

Then instead of seeing past the awkward date/her not working on her social life issue when Charlie is hurting and upset that his work was being set up in flames instead of consoling or comforting him over it/giving him encouragement that he can fix it all she can say is "He's right you know."

How nice of you to rub that in his face, after he gets embarrassed and hurt through that whole seminar. Then you decided to go out with the guy afterwords, which even before this you go out with him and blab about Charlie as if you even have a right too.

I still don't understand how anyone could say Amita was right for Charlie, she was a know it all most of the time and seemed to take Charlie's love for her for granted in every situation. And seemingly winded up hurting him more than anything else with her small actions.

Even after Numb3rs is well and over, I still can't get over how much Amita, as a character sucks. Thank God this community is still up so even years later I can rant about her.